"We've had the pleasure of working with Graham for two EPs now. Graham has always been a pleasure to work with and goes the extra mile creatively to make the track sound the best it possibly can. We're looking forward to working with him again soon." Brass Phantoms


"Graham was a pleasure to work with in Westland Studios while recording my ep with my band. He was so patient and honest with our work which enabled us all to get the best out of us. The end product of his mixes brought the songs to a very high professional standard and we would love to work with him again." Niall Cash


"We worked with Graham recently on our debut album having never done a proper run in a proper studio beforehand, much less in one as illustrious as Westland studios where we made it with him. Graham was more than accommodating to us before, during and after the entire process. From coming to us pre-production and putting his own time and effort into making sure all of our click tracks were ready and we were as prepared as possible, to making sure we got everything set up right and sounding just the way we wanted in the studio, right up until he spent hours and hours of his own time at home mixing the tracks and putting up with all our changes and requests. He refused to stop until the work was done and was done to our upmost satisfaction. His knowledge of every single part of the process as well as in depth knowledge of how to make things sound exactly like you want from phrases like "more of that, but not like, you know what i mean" makes the production a whole lot easier from the musician's point of view, being able to focus on playing. On top of all of this he maintains a friendly air and rapport with musicians which makes the whole process a lot smoother. We look forward to using Graham again in the future and would recommend him in a heartbeat!" Theories Divide